HEVYDEVY Records was started by Devin Townsend and his wife Tracy over 20 years ago in order to get his first album ‘Ocean Machine’ distributed. Since then, we’ve been going strong (ish) and continue to provide small amounts of our back catalog & are happy to personalize them if you’d like. Often, we do ebay auctions of old memorabilia for those interested, which sometimes includes old guitars and such.

We work with Omerch who provide our awesome merch through their site (far better than we can produce) and they, as well as our label Century Media / Inside Out do the pre-sale packages for our new albums. This site is intended as a way for us to continue the sort of personalized business that has allowed us to make weird music for so long, and not to interfere with those we work with.

Tune in for updates and auctions, and we can’t thank you enough for your support. You never know what stuff we may find in our ‘vaults’

For the ‘official’ site, as well as pre-sales and the newest products, please visit devintownsend.com and Omerch


  • Devin Townsend- Punky Bruster: Cooked on Phonics