Devin Townsend- Dev Lab CD


Devin Townsend- Dev Lab (2005)

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1DevLab I1:07
2DevLab II4:10
3DevLab III4:21
4DevLab IV2:42
5DevLab V5:08
6DevLab VI5:55
7DevLab VII1:42
8DevLab VIII4:30
9DevLab IX10:17
10DevLab X3:48
11DevLab XI1:35
12DevLab XII4:44
13DevLab XIII9:45
14DevLab XIV4:11
15DevLab XV2:04

I moved into a house in the suburbs that had a sterile, ugly little fake neighbourhood vibe. The upstairs had a cheap, brand new ‘bric-a-brac’ house vibe that I set up a small, comfortable ‘studio room’ in- with TVs, computers, air conditioner, and lots of gear. In experimenting with all the technology, I found myself compelled to visit my love of ‘soundscapes’ and dark ambient music. I realized pretty quickly that music was pretty irrelevant when it comes to my process and that my strengths lay more in making a statement in massaging sound to result in emotions rather than individual songs or albums. I began to slowly construct ambient moods then arranging them in 10-15 minute long chunks that led me as a listener on an audio journey. It took about a year of massaging and working on it, but it was a fun and liberating project. I did the artwork myself, but fortunately, Konrad Palkeiwicz stepped in and massaged my files so they didn’t look as budget as they originally did. This record is essentially a patchwork of dozens of sessions either in the little ‘Devlab’ or at Jamspots where I’d set up strange parties that had everyone involved play instruments they weren’t familiar with. (Bam! weird shit!) This record has caused several friends of mine to be extremely uncomfortable while listening to the point of leaving the room…great success… =]

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