The Strapping Young Lad Original “Heavy” Shirt Size XL



  • -The Strapping Young Lad original “Heavy” shirt. 
  • -Devin designed it himself
  • -Has been described as “hideous”
  • -Was once black, now more grey
  • -Very well worn, may have small holes
  • -Size XL.
  • -Handwritten Note: “This was the first shirt I ever made for my music – I found this in my closet – I didn’t even know I had it!”
  • – Rare pictures of Devin wearing the shirt will be included

On almost every tour Devin has brought home some form of merchandise as a souvenir. Over the years he has collected a vast amount of band shirts etc. He has decided that there are too many and they need to go, hopefully to be enjoyed by someone else…
These shirts could be:
  • – old or new-ish 
  • – rare, or not 
  • – worn (some extensively), or not 
  • – stained, have holes or possibly be stinky (see description)
 These shirts have most likely at some time:
  • – been in contact with smoke, cats, dogs, dust, wheat, eggs or other allergens

Each one comes with a signed, hand-written note describing the shirt’s history (see pictures).


Winner pays actual shipping costs. Your shirt will be shipped via Canada Post.

If you’d like, you can calculate your shipping costs before the auction ends.

Additional information

Weight0.32 kg
Dimensions28 × 16 × 8 cm